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Our Kings And Queens

Russian Blue Kings And Queens


King Felix

Felix is the sweetest cat we have ever met. He starts purring the second he sees you, before you even start petting him. He is extremely smart. He knows how to open doors and cabinets to find treats. He enjoys cuddling, climbing, giving kisses and playing. He initiates games of tag with our kids and loves to fetch. He not only tolerates but seems to enjoy being dressed up and pushed around in a baby stroller by our daughter. He is our 4 year old’s favorite cat and they will play for hours. It’s said that kittens get their personalities more from their father and we believe that to be true because we can really see Felix’ amazing personality shine through in his kittens.



Queen Matilda

Matilda is a calm, loving little sweetheart. She loves to cuddle, greet guests and is a wonderful mama. She spends her days cuddling on the couch, watching birds and sunbathing. She is the daughter of our retired queen Misha who everyone loved. She reminds us so much of her mom.


British Short Hair Kings And Queens


King Romeo

Loui is a gentle sweetheart. He loves to cuddle, purrs a lot and is very social. He has that classic Russian Blue personality that everyone loves. His coat is gorgeous, an extremely light silver color. Pictures don’t do him justice.


Queen Luna

Luna is a sweetie just like her mom, Lucy. She has the loudest purr and best cuddles. She is very affectionate and a total lap cat. She is calm and loves everyone.


Sphynx Kings And Queens


King Arthur

Arthur is a character. He loves to play fetch or chase. He is very smart. He opens doors and initiates tag with the kids and other cats. He is the house caretaker. He absolutely adores kittens and spends as much time with them as he can. At the end of his busy day he loves to cuddle.


Queen Lucy Belle

Lucy is a petite girl and AMAZING with kids. She seeks our kids out to play and does not leave their side. She is very sweet and playful. She loves being a mom and caring for her babies. She even loves to care for her friend’s kittens when she does not have her own. She is always ready for a cuddle. Her kittens are sweet and amazing just like her.

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